My body: a trophy, a house


It stands in front of you,
atop a pedestal.

It gleams like a
trophy in front of you,
dilating your pupils.
An object of desire,
you try to label it
your own.
Neck tilting,
hands wandering,
eyes lost,
as you try to
reach for it.
Except, the spaces
between you two
You will never own it
like it’s yours to own.

It rests on the ground
for me,
while my mind and soul
rest in it.
There is a painting
embellished in the
middle of this house,
one cannot rob me of.
I curl myself in corners of this house.
It is my first home,
will be my last home.
You cannot close its curtains on me,
or drown it in dust or rain.
I am the weatherwoman,
I am the painter,
I am its only locksmith,
a unique pair.
You cannot steal it
from me.

-Taru Gupta

This is the sixth poem for the project ‘What’s in a name?’ where I celebrate the presence of poetry in daily objects.
From the past few days, I was having conversations about body image, and how as a teenager, you don’t think you own your body anymore. You feel it is owned by those scrutinizing eyes of people who judge every inch of your skin from the society’s expectations of what is acceptable and what is not. Or it is owned by one who has touched it; by a lover, by an invader. So, I focused myself on the latter half who seem to materialize your body and think of it as an object of desire. This is why the first stanza refers to those who think of my body as a trophy they can own, like a prize they can win.

At the same times, to me, my body is my home. It is what I came into this world with and it is what I will leave with. I won’t let an intruder into my home if I had control over it. None of us will. It is not something someone can steal from me, even if they try to, it will remain my own no matter how hard one tries.

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Creative Commons License
My body: a trophy, a house by Taru Gupta is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

7 thoughts on “My body: a trophy, a house

  1. It’s great, Taru. I like the idea of the body as a home that cannot change ownership. I also really appreciate your explanations at the end of each post, it’s interesting to see what spurred the poems.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so much. I am glad you like it. I was trying something really different by writing object-focus poetry, so I thought one of the ways to do it justice was by explaining my thought process behind it. I am relieved that my readers do get some insight into my writing through it.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Moreover, I had enough people existing around me trying to objectify human bodies. So I thought I should try to run the idea of my body parallel to an object, like a house or a trophy, and how two different perspectives of it still cannot take its ownership from me, no matter how much someone asserts objective relations to it.

      Liked by 2 people

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