Broken Jewellery

A sound of shattering
echoes in our DNA
like a self-destruction gene.

She pulls on her pearl necklace
like a criminal uncoils truth,
spilling fortune like a petition for bail
when it all gets too much.

He stretches his earlobes
to get rid of earing
dangling from his lughole,
in a desperate and substandard
attempt at teenage rebellion,
only to double the weight
of his actions.

We solder our broken jewellery,
melt metal by each part,
weave intricacy in
sharp, solid materials
just to break them down
one more time.

-Taru Gupta

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This poem is about humans’ tendency to self-destruct. Whenever we are on a smooth swift ride, we try to steer drama our way or mess things up. Tell me how you think humans are self-destructive.

Creative Commons License
Broken Jewellery by Taru Gupta is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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