Hide and go seek

A touch and a crooked smile,
a disposition so whimsical
that I attach my feather feet
and play hide and go seek
with all the almosts.

You see, I have an affinity
for the broken and crooked;
all things deviant.
So, I run in circles
after every upturn of your lips.

I am uprooted from
the sensation of my insides burning.
So, I douse myself in gasoline
because why deal with
the chaos of my mind
when I could make
chaos myself.

The distance in me
only stretches under my skin,
dislocating my mind,
and a fire alarm heart.

-Taru Gupta


I didn’t post for some days because I was just finishing up with my finals, but now I am back with more poetry. I attended a poetry slam yesterday which really inspired me to write. ‘Hide and seek’ was just one metaphor I picked up from yesterday and moulded it my own way. This is about dislocation within me trying to run away or hide from something else, that I lose my own sense of identity.

Thank you for reading, please like, share, comment down your thoughts and follow my blog for more poetry.



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