If all you really want

Every step I run towards you,
know all that I am for you.

If all you desire is
the warmth of my arms,
be ready to meet cold Antartica
developing in my arms.

If all you yearn for is
gratification between the sheets,
be ready to walk into
dirty laundry for you to clean.

If all you crave is
a poem,
so that you, yourself,
are a muse.
Be ready for an elegy,
an ode,
a list of reasons
I never want you back.

However, if you wish to
walk into my home
and strip off your lies at the doorstep,
lay in naked honesty,
be ready.
Because you won’t receive
a special treatment.
Or maybe sometimes,
less is more,
there is extravagance in simplicity,
and the depths are found in the shallow end.

-Taru Gupta


Yes, I am doing a double update today because my head is brimming with so many different thoughts I can’t handle. Also, I am so very inspired by this movie ‘Call me by your name’ that I just want to write a poem on the phrase ‘Call me by your name, and I will call you by mine’. The movie is so simple and beautiful while these two men discover their sexuality in an age where it was deemed incorrect and unacceptable. This was the thought behind the poem, that love is not an extraordinary behaviour, nor is honestly. It is simple and should be that way to contain its innocence.

This is also the beginning of Pride Month which makes me realise how love is a lot like poetry, it pays no heed to gender and sexuality, to race; just to rawness. I am proud of the member of LGBT community and of those still questioning. Love is love, let it be that way, let it be simple. Let it bring a smile to your face, not tears.

Love forever,

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