It’s 11:30 PM,
and I am staring
at my own image
in the mirror,
trying to catch a passing
refection of myself.
I don’t.

I am not quite sure
who I am anymore.

You see, I have the tendency
of an escapist at times,
which is why I tell myself
I am a victim of my
social situations.
I’m not.
I am just a victim
of my own ignorance.

My ignorance
that coils itself
into selfishness
that condemns me
to give a damn about
others in my life.
I cannot blame this
on my selfish gene.

With a mind so brittle,
I tend to break
upon triggers.
The triggers that
often come without words,
but rather the realization,
a secret revelation,
that I am
my worst nightmare,
a nightmare
that once did not
feature me,
rather monsters from my past.

-Taru Gupta

I am sorry for not updating in the past few days. I realised some really important things about myself some days ago, an epiphany that slapped me in the face. This is what this poem is about. Moreover, I just started my internship at Marriott and these initial few days have been extremely tiring for me to pick up my laptop and write.

Thank you for reading. Please like, share, comment your thoughts and follow my blog for more poetry.

All love,

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