Leaving is an art

The easiest thing in this world
is to leave.
It is the staying that aches our insides,
the wanting of it that slowly breaks
every tendon in our body,
the waiting that digs and digs and digs
an unfathomable pit inside us.

The leaving,
that is the easy part,
to drop everything,
to let the fragile promises
shatter on the cold ground,
to let all the hope drown
in a hurricane of tears.

It is an art, though.
An art to not give a damn,
and turn to the other side,
cut to my point of view,
strut my way down my own road.

Now, I was a born artist,
and he was my replaceable canvas.
So it was not much of a surprise
when I painted his town red
and left without one sober glance.

-Taru Gupta

Hi, lovely people! I went MIA for a bit because I experienced my worst artistic slump in the longest time. I was creatively spent and had no idea what to write. Moreover, I was physically spent due to my hotel training at Marriott. So, I’M BACK! I would really appreciate if anyone could drop down some poetry ideas in the comment section, or tell me what inspires you to write. Maybe it will inspire me to write.

Thank you for reading. Please like, share, comment your thoughts and follow my blog for more poetry.

All the love,


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