Ode to the men who do not hear the word ‘no’

Get a hearing set,
eye glasses,
muzzles over your mouth,
handcuffs for your hands.

Get all the accessories that
prevent you from climbing on top of me.

Or maybe just get a fucking

I do not know
if it is a personal thing,
or patriarchy thing?
Is it an ignorance thing
or an ego thing?
Or is it simply lack of
sheer selfishness.

Because every time
a man chooses to
close his eyes,
numb his ears,
move his hands,
while I scream and shout,
begging him to stop,
like a prayer,
and he doesn’t,
he does not stop.

A chunk of my
dies with the night.

-Taru Gupta.

Hey! I am sorry I literally disappeared from the face of this earth this entire past month. I promise I will do better now. I will get back to my schedule and write again. I learnt how important it is for me to write to stay sane. Well, I don’t think anyone wants a rant about how and why and what happened.

But this piece is very important to me. This poem can be for any gender and sexual identity, not just for a cis male. But the issue is really crucial to deal with. People need to understand the importance of consent.

Thank you for reading. Please like, share, comment your thoughts and follow my blog for more poetry.



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