Six-feet under

I tell them
I have been sleeping
in a bed of water,
eating out of my own flesh.
What I mean is
I tell them
I have been depressed.

I have been depressed
for days, months, years;
seconds boring into me.
They ask me

Have I been sleeping too much,
eating too much,
crying too much?
Has the weight of my body
been settling down on each muscle tendon,
has the whitewashed wall taken
more space
than other
eating, breathing humans?

They ask me,
Have I thought of nail beds
or rose beds,
or beds six feet underground.

I tell them,
I haven’t.
I have just done its opposite.

-Taru Gupta

This is basically about people’s general perception about depression and how its an excess of something. When, sometimes, it can be a complete lack of things. For instance, insomnia and lack of eating are symptoms of depression too and they are often ignored.

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3 thoughts on “Six-feet under

  1. See that’s a good poem. Good poems are written by good poets. But there’s this giant conundrum that the poet writes what he or she feels. If I write about depression, suicide, umm, murders, readers think I’m going through something related to that. I just hate that. *shrugs*

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    • This is why I kind of explain my inspiration for the piece at the end of every poem. It not only eliminates this, but also helps my readers get a background about me. So any reader needs to understand and appreciate that writers use both personal narratives as well as imaginary ones in their works. I might not need to feel a certain emotion for me to write about it. And thank you so much! I hope you keep reading my works in the future.

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