Finding Poetry

“Step out of your skin to find poetry.”

I have been going around for weeks
jumping puddles, with no care of the path I follow.

I have seen sunrise merge into sunset,
red, yellow and blue melting every day;
felt the breeze kiss my cheeks,
thunder clean my sins,
and rain wash me away.

I have been writing on and on
about unrequited lust,
killing my hatred with
an arrow dipped in vodka and salt,
trying to find poetry in people,
sending kisses without a full stop.

But my notebook is empty,
so are my sheets and my inbox.

My hours echo with cacophony,
my ears ring with silence,
as time plays the fool on me
and passes away
and I sit and listen.

-Taru Gupta

Hey! I have no excuse for not posting but that I was simply out of content. This piece is fictional but inspired by a man who recently told me “Taru, stories are found when you step out of your comfort zone”.

Thank you so much for reading. Please like, share, comment your thoughts and follow my blog for more poetry.



6 thoughts on “Finding Poetry

  1. Regardless you keep posting. Thanks for sharing the post!!! When your looking for inspiration to finish a painting your post makes it easy to go pick up the paint brush!!! Thanks for being an over the top example of why and how I can reach my goal!

    Liked by 2 people

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