Nice to meet you! I am Taru Gupta, a 17 year old poet, storyteller, dancer and coffee enthusiast. What started as a hobby as an 11 year old girl uncovering her inner creativity has become a poetry platform where I channel my inner worldly fairy to write about all sorts of emotions and situations I surround myself with. So, I write about love, heartbreak, loneliness, power and boldness, to pinpoint a few.

In poetry, I write about anything and everything that drives me enough on a daily basis to convert it into poetry.

‘What’s in a name?’ is a collection of poems I wrote on daily objects for a month in April 2018, as an attempt to celebrate the presence of poetry in every tiny object that surrounds us.

Poetry Pages is the place where I share any piece of poetry that inspires me or stuck to me, so they can inspire you and stick to you.

As for me, well, writing keeps me sane, like most other individuals who live from moment to moment in terms of tied syllables and phrases. So here is a collection of my sometimes failed, most of the times painful attempts at constructing a string of art to stop my head from throwing random words at me, screaming at my arm to move, like a wave I cannot control for it to create poetry.

Thank you for checking out my blog! Feel free to drop me a message or leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts. To follow my instagram and connect with me further Click here 

All love,
Taru ❤